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JPS61127203A - Waveguide type power distributer - Google Purpose: To set the feeding power ratio and the feeding phase to a prescribed value based on the position of each short-circuit bar and the position or size of each coupling hole by connecting a waveguide with a short-circuit bar to an … US4931808A - Embedded surface wave antenna - Google Patents An embedded surface wave antenna is described of compact design capable of broadband performance both for impedance match and for radiation pattern characteristics comprising two spaced apart conductive planar elements, one element being a … US2402622A - Radiating electromagnetic wave guide - Google Electromagnetic wave antenna apparatus comprising a wave guide adapted to contain travelling electromagnetic waves and having aslot extending longitudinally in one Wall thereof for a distance long in comparison to a wavelength of the … US7091918B1 - Rectifying antenna and method of manufacture

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Theory of a Traveling Wave Feed for a Planar Slot Array Antenna Sembiam R. Rengarajan1,2 1Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering California State University Northridge, CA 91330-8346, USA Linear Traveling-Wave Narrow Wall Slotted Guide Array ... Image of the Linear traveling-wave narrow wall slotted guide array. The narrow-wall slot array is a popular microwave frequency antenna, which is especially useful for RADAR applications where mechanical robustness, low-loss and the ability to withstand high transmit power are advantageous. Non-Resonant Slotted Waveguide Antenna Design Method

A cavity-backed coplanar waveguide slot antenna array

We want to design the Linear Travelling-wave slotted-waveguide array with the same design objectives. Click on the Linear travelling-wave slotted-waveguide array antenna in the collection, this should open it in Design Mode. Follow the same steps as above for this antenna. Optimum Design of Traveling-Wave SIW Slot Array Antennas Slot array antennas can be classified into two types: standing-wave-fed and traveling-wave-fed [6]. The impedance bandwidth of the standing-wave-fed slot arrays reduces quickly as the number of ... Traveling Wave Slotted Guide Array | Antenna Magus Compared to the Resonant waveguide slot array, the Traveling wave slotted guide array has some impressive advantages. It can handle higher power and operates over a much wider band (up to 25% bandwidth), where the resonant array suffers from a decreasing bandwidth as the number of elements (and hence gain) increases, whilst this array does not. Traveling-Wave Slot Antennas - IEEE Journals & Magazine

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Compact millimeter-wave switched-beam antenna arrays for ... In this letter two different travelling-wave, slot antenna arrays are proposed which can offer tunable switched-beam capability at millimeter-wave frequencies. The antenna systems are built on a single layer PCB with top- and bottom-side etching for operation at 28 GHz with at least 0.7 GHz of measured impedance bandwidth. Compact Slot Array Antennas for Wireless Communications ... Compact Slot Array Antennas for Wireless Communications (Signals and Communication Technology) [Alan J. Sangster] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. This book describes and provides design guidelines for antennas that achieve compactness by using the slot radiator as the fundamental building block within a periodic array Antennas and packaging for millimeter-wave phased-array ... Antennas and packaging for millimeter-wave phased-array ... aperture-coupled patch antenna • Radiation efficiency – slot spacing ... Beam-forming antenna array

Optimum Design of Traveling-Wave SIW Slot Array Antennas

Cavity-Backed Slot Antenna Cavity-backed slot antenna is using the resonance of EM waves in a slot to radiate the EM energy. The designs of the slot shapes can be various. Slotted Waveguide Antenna Slotted antenna arrays carved on waveguides are a popular antenna in navigation, radar and other radio-frequency systems. IET Digital Library: Design of planar slotted waveguide array ... Important parameters are the total normalised slot conductance of radiating waveguides and the total normalised resistance of feed waveguides. Additional examples of slot array designs will be presented, including a procedure for designing a travelling wave feed to excite radiating waveguides with either standing wave or travelling wave slot ... Traveling Wave Antenna - SlideShare 1. Traveling Wave Antenna Antenna Theory Prepared by Abdelaziz Said Electrical Engineering Department New Cairo Academy 2. - Traveling wave antenna is non-resonant type antenna or aperiodic antenna Definitions - The antenna in which the standing wave does not exist along the length of the antenna is called traveling wave antenna 3. Lecture Notes - Antennas Travelling Wave (Non-Resonant) Antenna: The proper termination of the antenna so that is minimized. It has uniform pattern (surface wave (slow wave) and leaky wave (fast wave) antennas). Standing Wave Antennas may be analyzed as Travelling Wave Antennas by thinking inverse individual currents. 1.3. Method of Analysis